Horses, Spirit & Play

Our 3 hour experience.

What to expect from this workshop


You will learn the physical language of the horse, their gestures, nuances and movements and how this articulates into a message to other horses and humans. You will learn how to use  their language to communicate and connect with them.


You will enter the arena to meet the herd, taking the opportunity to meet and greet each horse. Then you will choose one or more horses, that you wish to continue the connection with and perhaps have the most to teach you.


You will tune into the wisdom of your body and hear its messages while standing alongside a horse that you chose.

By brushing, stroking, and breathing together, you will form a heart connection that  will inform, nourish and inspire you.




Join your chosen horse in the round pen, where you may 

  1. Set an intention to receive clarity on a personal issue, or
  2. View the horse as a metaphor for how you engage with life, or
  3. Simply enter with an open heart, to whatever comes from your interaction with the horse.


Other activities possible in longer sessions

Unmounted Visualization

Standing next to your chosen horse(s) with your eyes closed, you will be guided through a powerful interactive visualization.

Vision Mandela Drawing or Freestyle Painting

Your visualization will leave you with an inspiring vision for your future. To really highlight your new vision and install it into your heart and mind, we'll use the creative activity of Creating a madela, painting, or finger painting.

By actually creating your vision in a concrete manner, you will powerfully anchor it into your future.