Discovering your Heart Connection

Reclaim your ability to feel and think with the heart.

In both horses and humans, the heart produces an electromagnetic field that travels far beyond the body containing information that impacts our interactions with others.  Horses use this heart-brain link for greater awareness and connection to everything around them.

In this workshop we will reconnect with our ‘heart brain’ Discovering your Heart Connection will create a deeper intuitive knowing, providing the opportunity for richer, deeper connections in your life.

With the horse you will:

  • Explore what truly has heart and meaning for you
  • Develop heart-centered intelligence
  • Acknowledge and embrace your authentic self
  • Understand the power of expanded awareness
  • Project emotional intention
  • Connect with your aliveness and creative spirit
  • Reconnect with the peace, silence and rhythm of nature

Activities can include:

  • Mindfulness practices..fully living in the present
  • Connection with the horse, using all 6 senses
  • Heart meditations with the horse
  • Reflective round pen
  • Energetic heart exchanges
  • Horse dancing
  • Horse healing Ceremony

What to bring: 

Clothing and Footwear appropriate for working with horses, a notebook & pen, sunscreen and hat, a curiosity to learn and your passion for horses!